5 Simple and Effective Link Building Strategies

Over the past few years, search engine optimization techniques have evolved tremendously as a vital practice. Experts have found and developed various useful strategies that can effectively deliver the desired results including increased volume traffic and higher site rankings. One of these is link building, which has proven to be reliable in driving quality traffic.

However, specialists have had to adapt to various changes in place at the web. For instance, search engines such as Google have implemented stricter algorithms to detect variations of the so-called “black hat” linking and spamming methods. Not only are these practices discouraged but using them could lead to impossible sanctions that are detrimental to a website and to one’s business. Thus, it is crucial to observe quality protocols and still build sufficient valuable links to attract inbound traffic.

This can make link building challenging and time-consuming for site owners. Choosing a method to employ can be tricky especially for beginners. It is also important to use strategies that are current and yet simple enough to implement consistently.

To help you make your choice, we’ve compiled some simple link building strategies that have proven to be effective:

1.Produce quality content

quality contentThis is still one of the most tested strategies. For readers to be interested in your website, you must offer them valuable information, products, or services. With blogs and sites emerging from various platforms and populating the web, you must make sure that your pages stand out. Your content must be relevant and engaging enough to encourage natural linking and to convince other websites to provide links to your page. Providing unique and valuable content is one of the best ways to increase site visibility.

2.Contribute content through guest posts

You can also get links by posting short posts on another website. This provides them with content and allows you to generate traffic to your site. It is a good way of establishing partnerships because you initiate a give and take relationship and encourage mutual connections. This is more professional compared to just requesting for a link to your site.

guest postsThis is also useful in getting a link on an authoritative site which would otherwise be challenging as it can be daunting to request links from more established websites. But guest posts can be a convenient and powerful way to get linked.

Though you may not get to control the anchor text they would use to link back to you, the text they use would most probably provide you with alternate possible keywords that are also helpful.

3.Maximize social media

social mediaIt is always beneficial to take advantage of social media. Most people spend hours in a day on their smartphones, browsing through social media pages. Be sure to maximize social sharing by asking some of your friends or employees to repost or re-tweet parts of your content with the link to your webpage. This would encourage natural linking and also promote your website.

4.Request for backlinks

backlinksThis one of the most basic link strategies that could work for you whether you’re a newbie or a professional site owner. Consider asking your friends, co-workers or employees who have their own blogs or websites for a backlink. This will allow you to be linked to websites you trust and will allow you to control the anchor text you want to provide. Just be sure to choose a site that is relevant to your own business or blog.

5.Offer testimonials

testimonialsThink about the products or services you patronize and offer to write testimonials on their websites. You can consider contractors, vendors, suppliers, and even consultants. Tell them about how you feel about their products. In exchange, ask for a backlink to your site. By providing them good feedback, you get the chance to be linked on a trusted website. Like guest posts, this is also a good way of establishing reliable connections.

Link building doesn’t have to be as hard as you imagine. It’s a matter of staying focused on your website’s goals. Think of it as building bridges, streets or connectors which your potential customers and subscribers need to cross to land at your site.

As you go through the process, you can always reach out to our consultants for guidance. Not only will we direct you, but we will also share our experience to help enrich the value of your content and boost your website’s overall performance.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

When you look for information on the web, you go to either Google or Yahoo and type in a keyword or phrase in the search bar. The websites you find on the first page are mostly the relevant ones. You will likely find the information you are looking for on the websites found on the list. Search Engines have tools that determine which websites match a certain keyword of phrases.

Imagine that you’ve created an excellent website about the Great Outdoors. It includes colorful photos, helpful articles, and a list of exciting activities one can enjoy in the outdoors. It is a amazing site, you say. It is complete with information relevant to the topic. Every user who would visit your website will be awed as it is full of informative articles. Yet, when someone searches for The Great Outdoors in Google, your site doesn’t show up in the search engine’s return pages or SERPs.

Yours isn’t in the top results. You need to find a way to convince a search engine that yours is the perfect website for the great outdoors. This is where search engine optimization comes in. It’s a collection of different techniques an SEO expert uses to gain top placement in search engines.

seo keySEO experts know how to get a top ranking in search pages. And one of the best methods is to provide excellent content. Your website about the great outdoors is one good example. However, it could take a long time for your website to appear in top results if you don’t do something about it. If you want your website to be on top of the results, you should know how SEO works.

There are several reasons why websites want to improve their rankings. Businesses for example hire SEO experts to help them gain a top search engine placement. Because when this happens, they gain more visibility. Creating awareness for a product or service is the first step towards success in business. The more traffic they build on their website, the better chances of converting sales.

The White Hat SEO Techniques

There are different ways to convince a search engine that your website exists. But first, you need to know how search engine works if you want to improve your ranking. Keywords are important when it comes to getting a top placement. Most search engines categorize websites based on certain keyword or phrases. They use crawlers to analyze web pages. If you are selling used books, crawlers should find “books”, “used books”, or “selling used books” in your website.

Another factor that search engines use is the link analysis. A search engine checks how many websites link back to yours. If there are users who link back to you, you get a higher ranking. As to how to get sites to link back to you is difficult, but if you have great content, it will be easy. People like reading informative content. If you can provide that to the users, it will be easier to get back links.

The white hat technique is a legitimate approach. Others also use another method of gaining a top placement. Yes, there’s a way to trick search engines.

The Black Hat SEO Techniques

Webmasters know how to trick search engines into getting a top placement. But a warning, though: search engines eventually find out. You will be penalized for it. It might be difficult to reverse it once the search engine finds out about your method.

One example of a black hat technique is keyword stuffing. They put the keywords repeatedly on the page. Keyword stuffing means overusing of keywords. Sometimes they even use invisible text, but spiders or crawlers recognize this. When this happens, your website will be marked as spam.

They also trick search engines by searching for the top keywords and putting them on their website. Or they could create a webpage that redirects a user to another website.

Black Hat techniques work. They can temporarily increase website visitors, but when a search engine finds out, redemption will be difficult. It might take a long time before Google or Yahoo reconsiders your website. It will be a long process. If you want to earn more visitors, avoid Black Hat Approach.

SEO Challenges

One obstacle SEO faces is when it can’t satisfy both parties – the visitors and the search engine crawlers. A site might appear to a user’s taste, but not to the search engines. Finding balance is the key to getting a successful top placement. What experts usually do is to first create great content for the visitors then redesign web pages to meet the search engine’s criteria.

Search engine optimization is not always easy. That’s why businesses rely on SEO experts to help them. SEO firms are legitimate. They only use the white hat approach, so it’s always a good idea to contact them. Just make sure they have good credentials so you won’t be wasting money on them. Or if you can find the time, learn about the different techniques of SEO. It may take longer, but that’s better than not doing anything at all.

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Moving Away From Just Keyword Repetition in SEO

seoThere are a lot of people that swear by keyword density and research. You don’t want to get caught up with trying to only work within the bounds of this solution for SEO. In fact, you will need to diversity your approach and rethink what you’re doing in regards to promoting any page on the web today. If you want to gain market share, then you will want to look into several methods of moving away from just keeping your keywords from controlling your optimization strategy.

Before you move forward with the tips, understand something important about search engine optimization. It is not something that can be done away with in 1 day. You could work for months optimizing a page, building backlinks, and working on content. Experts will tell you this as well, and it’s absolutely true. Even after months of effort, you still may not be the #1 site in Google, so don’t just assume that you’ll just pay someone a few hundred dollars and the rush of traffic will overtake your page. You will need a balancing act in regards to internet marketing, and that’s something that cannot be done with the isolating of just one of the many elements of advertising.

Focusing on People Instead of Search Engines

The major problem that people have with organic search is that they become obsessed with it. It’s easy to find yourself pushing towards more market share, and trying to “game” the system over time. Just one extra tweak here and one push over there is all it takes to get the next level, right? Too often people invest in the wrong things when moving ahead with optimization, and it becomes very problematic. It’s for that reason that major search engines today don’t stay stagnant in the way they deliver results. In fact, many are changing so often, that “black hat” SEO professionals are starting to fall to the wayside.

The number one lesson that you can learn today, especially in regards to content marketing is to focus on people. When you look at the end user and try to meet their needs, instead of trying to figure out what keyword you need to use to gain more influence online, the deluge of traffic will eventually arrive. That’s right, you will absolutely gain the organic hits you want if you just focus on people first, and craft or buy content that will help them in the long term.

Tutorials Can Help Shift The Tide

Another way that you can definitely find a new audience, especially with a great deal of competition is to craft tutorials. Instead of getting articles and blog posts that are self-serving, serve others. Create things that others will want to read and recommend to their friends. If you can isolate this notion and get moving forward with something of value, you will absolutely gain a lot of traffic. Not only that, the hits that you receive will be highly targeted, and will provide you with an incredible amount of subscribers, clients, and more. The call to action that you have will convert far better than if you were to just worry about how many times you could fit repetitions of a word into an article.

In the end, do not focus on only keyword research and density, it’s a waste of time. Instead, focus on building content for others to use, and learn from. If you can simply meet people where they are and show that you’re not an elitist, but rather someone that is looking to help, you will gain trust and that is everything when you’re doing internet marketing for any type of web based project.

Building An Audience Through The Right Optimization Techniques Placed By A SEO Partner

marketPublishing a website used to be a complicated thing. Today, it’s simpler than ever to build a website and get it published for others to see. No matter how you slice it, you will find that this is a good way to move forward within your marketing collateral. Whether you want to build something that is going to give you a great deal of leverage for a business, or you just want a personal project to vent with, you will find that publishing has been made somewhat easier than ever before. There was a time when you had to know some serious programming in order to gain any sort of attention online, but that’s not the case any longer. You are going to find yourself involved with a lot of elements if you seek them, and that’s the key to marketing as a whole, you will need to seek them out, and not just rely on the ease of publishing to save you. This may seem convoluted, but it’s an interesting topic of discussion when you start to look at how simple it is to launch a site, but how hard it is to get anyone to see it.

Some people rely on their own wits and prowess within the technologies available today, and others look into hiring a SEO partner to help build the right pieces. What options you decide to use are solely up to you, but there is a way to make this all seem easy, and it starts with knowing simple ropes.

The First Thing You Should Look At

sparkerBefore you establish any sort of marketing collateral, make sure that your page looks good in all major search engines. Test it out and then look at the loading time that you have. If your site doesn’t load fast, if you aren’t seeing it come through on your tablet or any sort of technology that you have in your hands, then something is definitely wrong. Make sure that you look at the code, the loading time, the optimization elements and all the different pieces that you need to consider moving forward.

If you do not look at the loading times, if you skip this aspect, and you instead look at just the colorful images and the code that you have in place, you will end up losing out. It’s imperative that you do not look at this without factoring in the right implementation strategy, as you can easily be deceived when it comes to marketing. Aside from the loading times and the optimization of your code, make sure that you start to build an audience through the relationship you build with a SEO partner.

Giving The Reins Away

There is no shame in giving up the reins of your marketing collateral. It’s important that you look into the marketing elements that are put into place. Watch a professional put into place content, text updates, images, info graphics, and look to see the changes that are displayed in the metrics. You will find that there is going to be a slew of changes coming your way and they all are going to either make or break your traffic margins. If you see that nothing is going on, and you are paying someone to help you, then there’s something going wrong. Make sure that you have a transparency in regards to reporting and all the implementation that is going on.

It can be hard to give up the reins of your site’s marketing elements, but it’s an important thing that you should be doing and focusing on if you’re going to get anywhere online today. It’s too hard to lose sight of all of this, and it’s important that you focus on not only handing over your page, but also looking at what is going to occur as a result.

Watch The Numbers

productiveThe best piece of advice that you can take away with you right now is a simple idea. Look at the numbers. Do not change your gaze, and always look at the numbers in terms of traffic, subscription rates, and more. If you do not focus on these things or if you hire a SEO partner and let them just go to town with your branding, you are going to end up losing something. Too often people just give their site away and end up losing market share because they are not focusing on the bigger picture. If you want to gain a great deal of implementation, you will need to look into setting yourself up for success. The successful planning required to gain leverage within the marketing collateral today is important on a lot of different levels, so don’t just let someone run away with your money.

Aside from the aforementioned simple advice, make sure that you take into consideration that you will need to have a long term campaign of success. If you do not focus on search engine optimization and instead go with other methods, you may not get the long term push you are looking for. It’s easy to go with shorter term options, and in the end, those are going to end up causing you to lose out on the elements that should give you a leg up on competition.