5 Simple and Effective Link Building Strategies

Over the past few years, search engine optimization techniques have evolved tremendously as a vital practice. Experts have found and developed various useful strategies that can effectively deliver the desired results including increased volume traffic and higher site rankings. One of these is link building, which has proven to be reliable in driving quality traffic.

However, specialists have had to adapt to various changes in place at the web. For instance, search engines such as Google have implemented stricter algorithms to detect variations of the so-called “black hat” linking and spamming methods. Not only are these practices discouraged but using them could lead to impossible sanctions that are detrimental to a website and to one’s business. Thus, it is crucial to observe quality protocols and still build sufficient valuable links to attract inbound traffic.

This can make link building challenging and time-consuming for site owners. Choosing a method to employ can be tricky especially for beginners. It is also important to use strategies that are current and yet simple enough to implement consistently.

To help you make your choice, we’ve compiled some simple link building strategies that have proven to be effective:

1.Produce quality content

quality contentThis is still one of the most tested strategies. For readers to be interested in your website, you must offer them valuable information, products, or services. With blogs and sites emerging from various platforms and populating the web, you must make sure that your pages stand out. Your content must be relevant and engaging enough to encourage natural linking and to convince other websites to provide links to your page. Providing unique and valuable content is one of the best ways to increase site visibility.

2.Contribute content through guest posts

You can also get links by posting short posts on another website. This provides them with content and allows you to generate traffic to your site. It is a good way of establishing partnerships because you initiate a give and take relationship and encourage mutual connections. This is more professional compared to just requesting for a link to your site.

guest postsThis is also useful in getting a link on an authoritative site which would otherwise be challenging as it can be daunting to request links from more established websites. But guest posts can be a convenient and powerful way to get linked.

Though you may not get to control the anchor text they would use to link back to you, the text they use would most probably provide you with alternate possible keywords that are also helpful.

3.Maximize social media

social mediaIt is always beneficial to take advantage of social media. Most people spend hours in a day on their smartphones, browsing through social media pages. Be sure to maximize social sharing by asking some of your friends or employees to repost or re-tweet parts of your content with the link to your webpage. This would encourage natural linking and also promote your website.

4.Request for backlinks

backlinksThis one of the most basic link strategies that could work for you whether you’re a newbie or a professional site owner. Consider asking your friends, co-workers or employees who have their own blogs or websites for a backlink. This will allow you to be linked to websites you trust and will allow you to control the anchor text you want to provide. Just be sure to choose a site that is relevant to your own business or blog.

5.Offer testimonials

testimonialsThink about the products or services you patronize and offer to write testimonials on their websites. You can consider contractors, vendors, suppliers, and even consultants. Tell them about how you feel about their products. In exchange, ask for a backlink to your site. By providing them good feedback, you get the chance to be linked on a trusted website. Like guest posts, this is also a good way of establishing reliable connections.

Link building doesn’t have to be as hard as you imagine. It’s a matter of staying focused on your website’s goals. Think of it as building bridges, streets or connectors which your potential customers and subscribers need to cross to land at your site.

As you go through the process, you can always reach out to our consultants for guidance. Not only will we direct you, but we will also share our experience to help enrich the value of your content and boost your website’s overall performance.

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