How to Select the Appropriate Keynote Speaker

Selecting an appropriate keynote speaker is an essential task in creating a successful event. Your main priority is to choose the speaker who will deliver a clear and strong message. The ideal candidate is a professional speaker who combines humor and positive messages in his speech to the audience. Your purpose is to have your attendees motivated and informed during and after the program.

The following are the guidelines in choosing the ideal keynote speaker for your event:

• Assess your attendees

Prior to getting the speaker, it is important that you know the expectations of your target participants. You should determine their profile, job, and information they need to acquire from the event. These details will help you select the kind of speaker that will meet their expectations.

• Set your objectives

Establish a specific goal for the event. Subsequently, you should communicate your objectives to the prospective speaker. This will help him align his speech to accomplish your goal.

• Determine the type of speaker

You can choose from the different types of speakers appropriate for the event.


Appropriate Keynote Speaker


• Search for the best keynote speaker

Ask your colleagues for recommendations and feedback. You can coordinate with a local network of speakers for their lineup. There are various online lists of speakers with their respective profiles. You can also explore companies, which can match your requirements to the right speaker. It is essential to allot time for reviewing details about the potential candidates before you hire their services.

• Arrange an appointment with the possible speaker

You can meet the speaker to discuss about their speaking engagements. Meeting the speaker allows you to gauge his personality, and determine if he is the right one for your event. It is impressive if the speaker conducted a research about the basic details of your organization. This is an indicator that he puts value on the transaction.

You can attend one of their scheduled programs to evaluate their actual delivery of speech. If not feasible, you can assess their performance through audio and video resources. Do not hire a speaker who does not have an online presence, such as video clips, profile or website. His expertise should be evident in books, newspaper, journals, and citations. When hiring a speaker who will fit your company, make sure you spend time listening to his speech.

• Ask for an outline

After conveying your objectives to the speaker, request for an overview of the topics he will incorporate in his speech. This will guarantee that the speaker has customized the program to attain your purpose.


Keynote Speaker


Since there are several speakers available for different types of events, make sure that you get the services of someone with the appropriate skills. The following are the essential qualities you should look in a speaker:

• Effective communication skills

This is an important quality of an excellent speaker. He should have the ability to connect with his attendees. In addition, he should know how to convey the message to his audience. He must ensure that his participants receive, retains and apply the information.

• Remarkable teaching strategies

Providing facts and concepts to their attendees is an essential skill, which a speaker must possess. He must be an excellent teacher, so the audience will acquire learning. The speaker must provide clear details, which will not complicate the topics.

• Relevant professional experience

Effective speakers do not just deliver persuasive speech. They have extensive experience in their respective field. He utilized his profession by working with

major companies.

• Good sense of humor

Humor helps during a keynote speech, particularly when the speaker is discussing uninteresting topics. It is a valuable tool if the speaker can entertain his audience with his jokes. They have the ability to elicit laughter from the crowd. He does not need to be a comedian, but should have a lively personality.

• Unshakeable self-confidence

A great keynote speaker exudes confidence, which draws the attention of his listeners. His self-esteem is evident in the way he speak and act. He looks reliable, knowledgeable and pleasant. It fascinates the audience and creates a positive impression on the program. The speaker’s confidence gains the trust of his audience. To gain sufficient confidence, a speaker must have extensive public speaking experiences.

When you prepare well in advance, you can increase your opportunity of hiring brilliant speaker. It takes a considerable amount of time to find the ideal speaker for your event. A great speaker can create the tone for your program and sets positive mindset of everyone. He is someone who exemplifies outstanding characteristics, which will excite your attendees.