Moving Away From Just Keyword Repetition in SEO

seoThere are a lot of people that swear by keyword density and research. You don’t want to get caught up with trying to only work within the bounds of this solution for SEO. In fact, you will need to diversity your approach and rethink what you’re doing in regards to promoting any page on the web today. If you want to gain market share, then you will want to look into several methods of moving away from just keeping your keywords from controlling your optimization strategy.

Before you move forward with the tips, understand something important about search engine optimization. It is not something that can be done away with in 1 day. You could work for months optimizing a page, building backlinks, and working on content. Experts will tell you this as well, and it’s absolutely true. Even after months of effort, you still may not be the #1 site in Google, so don’t just assume that you’ll just pay someone a few hundred dollars and the rush of traffic will overtake your page. You will need a balancing act in regards to internet marketing, and that’s something that cannot be done with the isolating of just one of the many elements of advertising.

Focusing on People Instead of Search Engines

The major problem that people have with organic search is that they become obsessed with it. It’s easy to find yourself pushing towards more market share, and trying to “game” the system over time. Just one extra tweak here and one push over there is all it takes to get the next level, right? Too often people invest in the wrong things when moving ahead with optimization, and it becomes very problematic. It’s for that reason that major search engines today don’t stay stagnant in the way they deliver results. In fact, many are changing so often, that “black hat” SEO professionals are starting to fall to the wayside.

The number one lesson that you can learn today, especially in regards to content marketing is to focus on people. When you look at the end user and try to meet their needs, instead of trying to figure out what keyword you need to use to gain more influence online, the deluge of traffic will eventually arrive. That’s right, you will absolutely gain the organic hits you want if you just focus on people first, and craft or buy content that will help them in the long term.

Tutorials Can Help Shift The Tide

Another way that you can definitely find a new audience, especially with a great deal of competition is to craft tutorials. Instead of getting articles and blog posts that are self-serving, serve others. Create things that others will want to read and recommend to their friends. If you can isolate this notion and get moving forward with something of value, you will absolutely gain a lot of traffic. Not only that, the hits that you receive will be highly targeted, and will provide you with an incredible amount of subscribers, clients, and more. The call to action that you have will convert far better than if you were to just worry about how many times you could fit repetitions of a word into an article.

In the end, do not focus on only keyword research and density, it’s a waste of time. Instead, focus on building content for others to use, and learn from. If you can simply meet people where they are and show that you’re not an elitist, but rather someone that is looking to help, you will gain trust and that is everything when you’re doing internet marketing for any type of web based project.

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